Animalia   Animals
Culicidae   The Mosquitoes
Aedes aegypti Linn. Yellow Fever Mosquito
Aedes atlanticus D. & K.  
Aedes atropalpus Coq.  
Aedes canadensis canadensis Theob.  
Aedes cinereus Meigen  
Aedes dupreei Coq.  
Aedes fulvus-pallens Ross  
Aedes grossbecki D. & K.  
Aedes infirmatus D. & K.  
Aedes mitchellae (Dyar)  
Aedes migromaculis (Ludlow)  
Aedes sollicitans Walker  
Aedes sticticus (Meigen)  
Aedes taeniorhynchus Wied.  
Aedes thibaulti D. & K.  
Aedes tormentor D. & K.  
Aedes triseriatus Say  
Aedes trivittatus (Coq.)  
Aedes vexans Meigen  
Aedes zoosophus D. & K.  
Anopheles barberi Coq.  
Anopheles crucians Wich.  
Anopheles p. pseudopunctipennis (Theob.)  
Anopheles punctipennis Say  
Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say Common Malaria Mosquito
Anopheles walkeri Theob.  
Coquilettidia inornata (Walker)  
Coquilettidia titillans (Walker)  
Culex erraticus D. & K.  
Culex sp.  
Culex nigripalpus Theob.  
Culex peccator D. & K.  
Culex pipiens L.  
Culex quinquefasciatus Say Southern House Mosquito
Culex restuans Say Theob.
Culex salinarius Coq.  
Culex tarsalis Coq.  
Culex territans Walker  
Orthopodomyia signifiera Coq.  
Psorophora ciliata Fab.  
Psorophora columbiae (D. & K.) Dark Rice Field Mosquito
Psorophora cyanescens Coq.  
Psorophora discolor Coq.  
Psorophora ferox Wied.  
Psorophora horrida D. & K.  
Psorophora howardii Coq.  
Psorophora longipalpis Roth  
Psorophora signipennis Coq.  
Psorophora varipes Theob.  
Toxorhynchites rutilus septentrionalis (D. & K.)  
Uranotaenia lowii Theo.  
Uranotaenia sapphirina (Osten Sacken)  
Uranotaenia syntheta Dyar & Shannon  

Source: Lancaster, J. L., Jr., Barnes, 0. and Roberts, James E. 1966 (updated to 1977). Mosquito control. A guide for mosquito control workers in Arkansas communities. U.A. Agri. Extension Serv. and U.S.D.A. 41 pp.

This list is to be cited as:
Lancaster, J. L., Jr., 0. Barnes, and James E. Roberts. 1977. Checklist of the Mosquitoes of Arkansas.
Ark. Acad. of Science, Ark. Biota Survey Checklist No. 10. 2pp.