A project initiated by and now dedicated to the late Leo J. Paulissen

Present Curator: Douglas A. James
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville AR 72701-1201 USA
tel 479-575-6364
fax 479-575-4010

The Biota Survey consists of checklists of animal and non-vascular plant taxa occurring in Arkansas


Paulissen's Original Foreword (April 1987)

At the annual spring meeting of the Arkansas Academy of Science in 1975 a motion to sponsor an Arkansas Biota Survey was approved. The motion was made by the writer who made the proposal initially on 7 February 1975 in a letter to the then President of the Academy Dr. E. E. Dale. The Survey was to be in the form of checklists which would provide information as to: 1) which species of a given group were present in Arkansas, 2) current taxonomy respecting each group, 3) provide common names when possible, 4) identify the experts in the various fields, and 5) provide a single source for such otherwise scattered information. In 1983 the lists became citable as references. The lists were intended to be useful to biologists, naturalists, ecologists, environmentalists, in fact anyone, professional or amateur, interested in the biota of the state.

The lists could not have been assembled without the help of the contributors whose work make them up. Their contributions are hereby most gratefully acknowledged. Counsel, encouragement, and guidance was supplied by the biota committee members, Drs. George Harp, Arkansas State University: Gary Heidt, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Arthur Johnson, Hendrix College; Henry Robison, Southern Arkansas University; and Gary Tucker, Arkansas Tech University, representing a cross section of interests in the state. Typists' help by the Department of Botany & Microbiology, University of Arkansas, Fayettevile is gratefully acknowledged. Finally, many thanks are due to the Academy whose sponsorship of the Survey made it possible to provide the annual supplements through financial and other support.

Leo J. Paulissen, Chairman
The Arkansas Biota Survey Commitee
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701